We’re a diverse video solutions provider making video work for users, publishers and advertisers.

  • For Publishers

    Video is the fastest growing segment of digital advertising with ad spending predicted to reach $28.08 billion by 2020. With so much opportunity, publishers need a solid video strategy and Answer Media has a vast array of solutions to help.

    • Use SpaceMob, our video production studio, to get affordable customized video content created for your audience.
    • VideoMosh is our video monetization and customization platform for publishers to create and manage their video experiences.
    • Monetize your video using our marketplace of direct sold, programmatic and high-CPM video campaigns.
    • Don’t limit yourself to one or two embedded video player providers, integrate all of them using our Rocket Yield video mediation technology.
  • For Advertisers

    We’re bringing premium in-stream and outstream video inventory to the marketplace by integrating our solutions with publishers large and small. Work with us direct or through our PMP to get in front of engaging video content, in prominent placements, with in-view triggers on white-listed sites.

    • Our IMPOSE Media division consists of owned, operated and represented sites focused on content development and native ad messaging that’s targeted primarily to a millennial audience.
    • Our network of publishers opens up access to premium in-stream and outstream video inventory.
    • Extend our audience using our programmatic solutions company, Yield Nexus, which also provides advertisers with programmatic management tools, advanced analytics, algorithmic buying techniques and campaign management.
    • We can connect via Deal ID or open RTB integration for all available inventory in our programmatic marketplace.