Advertiser Solutions

Premium video inventory

Consumption of online video continues to grow and some reports suggest by 2019 video content will make up 80% of global Internet consumption. That’s a lot of video that presents a huge opportunity for advertisers. However, reports also suggest problems with the current state of the video ad market with inventory being misrepresented, video ads being placed next to inappropriate content and video placements that are not viewable at all.

Answer Media is focused on making premium video ad inventory available to advertisers by first giving publishers the tools to easily embed and create new premium video ad inventory. With a focus on engaging video content, prominent placements, in-view only triggers and white listed sites and apps, premium video inventory is created and made available through our private marketplace.

Engaging Video Placements

  • Native Video

    We work with publishers to integrate native recommended video placements across their sites. These are click-to-play, 100% viewable video experiences that appear as native videos to users. This kind of implementation presents pre-roll and sponsored video opportunities for advertisers to properly target and reach their audience.  See an example.

  • Video Content

    Online video is being adopted by publishers large and small. However, video content can be expensive and resource intensive to produce leaving many publishers wondering how to launch a lucrative video strategy. That’s where Answer Media comes in by providing its VideoMosh video catalog of 300,000+ videos and video solutions to publishers to create engaging video experiences and premium inventory.  See an example.

  • Outstream Video

    Outstream video ads auto play video once in view regardless of device or environment. Even on iOS devices. When implemented for use on the mobile web, these units engage users and produce results for advertisers, as a recent study indicates. It’s a creative, user-friendly way for advertisers to get their messaging in front of the right audience.  See an example.

  • Facebook Embeds

    Social influencers and publishers using our VideoMosh platform are able to share videos that play within the Facebook feed. This is engaging, click-to-play premium pre-roll inventory available to advertisers in our private marketplace.  See an example.

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