Advertiser Solutions


Consumption of online video continues to grow and some reports suggest by 2019 video content will make up 80% of global Internet consumption. That’s a lot of video that presents a huge opportunity for advertisers to get their brand message in front of a captive audience. However, reports also suggest problems with the current state of the video ad market with inventory being misrepresented, video ads being placed next to inappropriate content and video placements that are not viewable at all, making premium video inventory in high demand.

With a vast suite of video solutions, Answer Media makes premium video ad inventory available to advertisers.

  • Outstream Inventory

    Our approach to outstream is different. Since no provider has 100% fill rates on most sites, we encourage publishers to work with many providers and let our Rocket Yield technology auto prioritize everything. This opens up opportunities for advertisers in our marketplace to access and compete for premium outstream inventory.

    • Outstream placements, always triggered when in-view.
    • Premium inventory across desktop and mobile.
    • Integrated within engaging, brand-safe content.

    Pre-roll Inventory

    Our pre-roll inventory is often times newly created inventory as a result of publishers integrating one or more of our video solutions. Inventory is available to buy direct, through Deal ID or accessed programmatically through our private marketplace.

    • Premium player placements on desktop and mobile.
    • Ads roll in front of brand-safe video content.
    • White Ops and Moat monitored traffic.
  • Programmatic Solutions

    We have a highly desired millennial audience that can be targeted beyond our controlled inventory using our programmatic buying solutions. We also provide advertisers with various programmatic management tools, advanced analytics, algorithmic buying techniques and campaign management to further enhance the programmatic buying process.

      • Audience matching and targeting.
      • Data driven, autonomous programmatic technology.
      • Access to billions of ad opportunities.

    Video Distribution

    Whether it’s a sponsored video or a player with pre-roll that’s been sold and matched to custom video content, we can help attract an audience through a distribution plan. Content is king, but not without an ever-growing audience consuming it.

    • Distribution across O&O, publishers, Facebook and more.
    • Video (and ad) distribution in our player or yours.
    • Audience targeting.

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