Publisher Solutions

VideoMosh for Publishers

VideoMosh is the Answer Media video monetization platform designed to provide publishers with video advertising solutions. Online video advertising is expected to grow globally at a rate of 24 percent between now and 2018. Publishers looking to take advantage of this growth can integrate various VideoMosh solutions to create premium video inventory that will monetize, across devices at CPMs much higher than traditional display.


  • Outstream Ad Units

    Outstream video, or video ads that play outside of video content, create a perfect balance of proper monetization for publishers, limited intrusion on the user experience and results for advertisers. All of these ad units auto play video once in view regardless of device or environment. Even on iOS devices.

    VideoMosh Ad Units

    • In Line — In-article, auto play video ads.
    • Bottom Float — Bottom positioned, auto plays a video ad and then collapses.
    • Page Overlay — Page takeover, interstitial-style, auto play video ads.

    Benefits To Publishers

    • Easy to embed on a page or run through an ad server.
    • Launches when in view to the user.
    • Non intrusive, native user experience.
    • CPM pricing that’s up to 5X that of display.
    • Available for desktop or mobile.

    VideoMosh Outstream Unit

  • Embedded Video Players

    The VideoMosh player creates premium video inventory by providing publishers a configurable player, access to a video catalog of 300,000+ videos and instant monetization from advertisers in need of premium pre-roll video inventory. Premium video can see CPMs 10x greater than display.

    VideoMosh Video Embed Options

    • Video Player — Configurable player with access to 300k videos.
    • Playlists – Customizable playlist options.
    • Native, Suggested Videos Unit — Recommend videos as users browse and create new ad inventory.
    • Full Page — Create a full page of videos to increase views and ad impressions.
    • Facebook Monetization — Share videos (with ads) that play in the Facebook feed.

    Benefits To Publishers

    • Further engage users through video while increasing monetization.
    • Fully responsive HTML 5 player.
    • Pre-roll video advertising that can be 10x that of display.
    • Configuration options to ensure the best user experience.

    VideoMosh Suggested Ad Unit Embed

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