Video Solutions

Video Solutions

By 2018, it’s estimated that 69 percent of total Internet traffic will be video. Video advertising will be the fastest-growing category of digital advertising on mobile, on desktop and overall from 2016 through 2020. It’s time that you got your video strategy in order. We can help.

  • [Video] Content is King

    Video Content
    Don’t spin your wheels and drain your budget trying to figure out how to create custom video that will fit into your site or app. We’ve already figured it out and can do it for less. We also have access to a video library of nearly 300,000 videos updated weekly.

    Video Platform
    Create customized playlists, configure video player placements, generate code and wow your audience while maximizing your video advertising opportunities.

    A strong social presence has to have video, and even better is video you can monetize. We can help by providing a player compatible on Facebook or creating cost-effective video you can monetize through programs offered by Facebook, YouTube and other social platforms.

  • Video Monetization is Here

    Instream Monetization
    Whether you use our video solutions or your own, we can help you monetize your video inventory. Tap into our enhanced programmatic marketplace and our sales team for direct sold opportunities to make every view count.

    Outstream Monetization
    It might not be possible to create video content for every page, but video monetization is an option for every page with outstream video. Use our outstream video solution or let us mediate your outstream providers to auto-prioritize for optimal performance.

    If content is king, distribution is queen. Even if you’ve figured out how to produce highly engaging video and how to monetize it, achieving views at scale across your own properties can be tricky. Let us help you scale up your video views and deliver on your ad deals with a distribution plan that places your videos and ads on sites across our publisher network.