Rocket Yield for publishers


Rocket Yield takes the guess work out of optimizing your embedded video placements and how to best prioritize different providers at different times by mediating all major providers and algorithmically prioritizing for the highest fill rates and maximum revenue. One snippet of code is all that’s required to mediate multiple video providers, like outstream and other video units, and for Rocket Yield to make you more money.

  • No More guess work.

    Prioritization of existing video player providers and testing new ones is an ad operations burden. Rocket Yield constantly analyzes multiple data points to auto prioritize many providers, and the more the better. Adding new providers is simple and highly encouraged for maximum yield.

    Increase fill rates.

    While demand for video is growing rapidly, no single provider will fill every impression. Rocket Yield has coded to more than 20 providers that can be integrated to ensure maximum fill and yield.

  • Increase monetization.

    The Rocket Yield algorithms analyze multiple data points to determine how best to prioritize providers. Whether it’s two or ten providers in the stack, Rocket Yield will work to ensure the priority is set ongoing to maximize revenue.

    Use your existing partners.

    Rocket Yield uses the code from your existing embedded video providers (outstream, instream, native, etc) to create competition that the technology objectively decides which ones perform best and algorithmically setting the priority.

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